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Hello, let me introduce ourselves, we are Cathy and Michael Meskel, we purchased Shady Creek the spring of 2007.  We visited Cedaredge for years during the Applefest, fell in love with the town and the area.  We sold our properties in Rifle, Colorado and our business and started a new chapter of our lives.  Our kids thought we had lost our minds.  From the very beginning we discovered what a cool place to live and what a fun business this was.  We started out very slow in the beginning, as I didn't even know what a 5th wheel was.  We had lot's of people that helped us along the way,  and helped us to learn the business.  We are the longest owners of Shady Creek.  

We soon discovered that the most interesting, amazing people come down our driveway.  People come as client's leave as friends, and then become family.  It is so funny to have people make their reservation for 2 days, just to see what we are about, ask to stay a few more days, then another week then they decide to stay for months.  I had a couple come for 2 days and left 6 months later.  It happens all the time.  It is nice in the evening everyone gathers at the gas-fire pit for a beverage of choice and to share their stories of the day and of course their fish tales. 


Every evening at 8:00 TAPS plays from the top of our house, it can be heard for about a mile on a good day, it is our way of honoring those serving past and present and for those who have died for our country.  I also have designed and brought to fruition the SOS-Support Our soldiers Veterans War Monuments which are located in Pioneer Town just down the road from here.  These Monuments are made of marble donated from the Colorado Stone Quarry in Delta, this is the same marble that all the monuments in Washington DC are made from.  Each monument dipicts a story pertaining to the wars starting with WW1-WWII-Korea-Vietnam-Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan- Battle Field Crosses and Medals of Honor.  These monuments are 4ft. high, 27in. wide, and 5 inches thick.  They are truly a work of art.  It is now the identity of Cedaredge. 


We love living here and enjoying meeting so many different people.  We love that people return year after year.  I guess we must be doing something right.  We have a great family Timothy and his wife Megan and our newest grandchild River, our daughter Mandi and her husband Derek and of course our two amazing grandchildren Gracie and Eli. Being a Camma is the best thing I will ever do, that's right Camma, not Grandma, Gracie named me that when she was 2, it is Cathy and Grandma put together.  Love it.  Thank you for coming to Shady Creek, we have lot's of Shady Creek stories to share, and lot's of new stories to make.  See you soon!

TAPS plays from the top of Shady Creek every night at 8 pm and is the identity of Cedaredge
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Support Our Soldiers Veteran's Monuments at Pioneer Town
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